Detailed Analysis of the 4 Best High Pressure Washers on the Market (May / 2020)
Anyone looking to find the best pressure washer has noticed that this is not an easy task.

This is because this cleaning equipment has become very popular in recent years, with the arrival of new models and the reduction in the price of professional options.

Let's go to the best high pressure washers in 2020:

* Bold WAP 2200: The best in cost benefit

* Electrolux Power Wash: The best in efficiency

* Karcher K4 Power Plus: The best domestic induction machine

* Karcher HD 585: The best semi-intensive professional

How to choose a pressure washer?

See what is important to know before making your choice! (You already know everything about high pressure washers? Then go straight to the model analysis by clicking here!

What is the difference between induction and universal motor?

In terms of construction and indication of use, the main difference between current machines is in the type of engine they use, universal or induction.

Universal motor

Universal electric motors use brushes to generate the electromagnetic field that makes the rotor rotate. With a simpler structure, they are indicated for moderate use , with only a few hours of use per week.

Main advantages of models with universal motor:

* Low cost: Allow products with affordable prices;

* Weight: make the devices very light and portable;

* Simplified maintenance: Simple wiring and connections facilitate repairs.

Disadvantages of models with universal motor:

* Less durability: In addition to being high-speed motors (average of 19,000 turns), they have greater wear due to the constant impact of the brushes with other internal structures, which requires the replacement of these parts regularly;

* Less resistance: They are engines that allow less time of weekly use (from 2 to 5 hours), which limits them to residential use;

* Higher noise level: Because they work with high speed and because they induce and break inductive circuits constantly, these motors are much louder.

Induction Motor

Induction electric motors do not use any type of brush to induce electromagnetic fields. This is because this field is induced in the part of the motor that is static (stator).
Advantages of induction models:

* Greater durability and resistance: They are engines with low rotation (average of 3,600 turns), and have no parts that generate internal friction, which drastically reduces wear, resulting in a much longer service life and less need for maintenance;

* Greater efficiency: They are capable of generating strong jets and dispensing a larger volume of water without necessarily expending more energy;

* Quieter: Because they work with less speed and do not break inductive circuits, induction equipment produces a much lower noise level.

Disadvantages of induction models:

* Higher cost: As they require more complex components (such as encoders or controllers), they end up having a higher final cost to the consumer;

* Weight: Because they have a more robust structure, they end up making the devices bigger and heavier.

What is PSI and flow rate per hour?

In addition to differentiating themselves by the types of engines that are equipped, these machines are also divided by the amount of pressure that they are capable of generating, and by the flow of water that they dispense.

Pressure is measured in pounds ( PSI) . This is the greatness that determines how strong the jet that comes out of the pistol is. The flow is measured in liters per hour (L / h) , and indicates the volume of water that the equipment is capable of dispensing each hour.

Okay, but how do I know which version is right for me?

As you saw, there are basically 3 factors to be taken into account before purchasing a powerful high pressure cleaner: the type of engine , the PSI value and the flow rate per hour .
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